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Tribal Knights

Rank: Leader
Online: 5 years ago
Joined: Mar 29, 2011
Nick Name: Mistsong
Gender: Female
Country: United States
State/Province: Colorado
Our kinship is made up primarily of adults who love gaming. Many of us have jobs and families. We support each other with all game endeavors, from crafting to questing, and just having fun. We are easy-going and drama free. We often socialize in the game chat, and many of us have become fast friends. We really care about each other in our kinship, and are always happy to help out a kin with anything they may need, whether it be getting the best gear, supplies for questing, and actual manpower for helping kill those extra-tough orcs! :) We welcome all levels, classes, and races, and have no problem helping out those who are new to the game. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge that we put to work every day helping others out. So, it you want to be in a kinship with people who will support you and have fun with you, we are on the Windfola server. See you there! :)
Mistsong is my main character, but I have many alts: Cerridwynn, Elynorawyn, Rhianawynn, Shalayawyn, and my alt that make up my second kinship (Riddermark Horse Lords): Shayawyn, Cerebrynn, Hollyquinn, and Marianon. The Riddermark Horse Lords is almost entirely composed of my and Skrandann's lower level alts, and is primarily for the extra storage of the second kinship house.