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Tribal Knights / Aug 05, 2012
Leadership of Tribal Knights will soon be transferred from me (Mistsong) to Eafric. Demands on my schedule continue to increase, and I do not feel I would have adequate time to do the post justice. Therefore, I have asked Eafric, and he has accepted, to become the new leader of our kinship. Eafric and he alts are the only members of Tribal Knights who have been kin-members for longer than I have, and he continues to show great dedication and commitment to the success of our kin. Eafric has demonstrated his leadership ability, and continues to be one of our most active members. He is always willing to help, friendly, and able. Please join me in congratulating him on his upcoming promotion!
Tribal Knights / Sep 27, 2011
The hobbit you just called fat? He's been skipping 2nd breakfast. The dwarf woman you called ugly? She spends hours braiding her beard so you can differentiate her from a dwarf man. The Uruk -Hai you just killed? He's been abused by Saruman. See that Gollum creature with the gangly limbs & large eyes? For 500 years the Ring poisoned his mind. That Elf you just made fun of for crying? She just lost her wizard friend to a Balrog. We are against bullying in Middle-Earth.